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February 09, 2017

CrossFit Ocala – CrossFit

Movement Review

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CFO warm up 2 (No Measure)


200m run/row

10 Push Ups

10 ring rows

10 pass throughs

10 good mornings

30 sec squat hold

ROW: Metcon (1 Rounds for reps)

In Teams of 2

Tabata 8 (16 intervals)

One Person Rows ME Calories, then switch with partner.

Score is your worst round
Rest 2 Minutes before next wod

Metcon (Distance)

In Teams of 2, complete…

Death By 25ft Sled Push

Increase distance by 25 ft every round (25,50,75 ect)

Can be done anyhow (both partners may push at the same time, can also be done as a relay)
Round 1 25ft

Round 2 50ft

Round 3 75ft

Round 4 100ft

Round 5 125ft

Round 6 150ft

Round 7 175ft

Round 8 200ft

Round 9 225ft

Round 10 250ft

Cool Down

200m walk

30 sec pigeon stretch

30 sec standing straddle

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